Nancy Kruberg, fondly known as “Mom” to four lucky girls and “Teacher Nancy” to students of Portola Valley’s Carillon Preschool, breathes the same love and life into Meadow Belles Farm as she has into a generation of children.


A Timeline of Highlights

March 1995 – First litter of baby bunnies born

October 1995 – Two horse paddocks built in the front yard

October 1995 – Grey, our first horse, arrives

December 1995 – Sadie, our beloved pony, arrives

May 1997- Buddy, our quarter horse, arrives

Spring 2002- Misty, our miniature horse, arrives to keep Sadie company

December 2005- No more horses on the farm (Sadie died at age 31), Misty moves on to keep another horse company.

April 2012 – Meadow Belles Welcomes Penny and Piper

2013- Meadow Belles bakery opens

February 2014- 5 goat kids born

March 2016- 7 goat kids born

November 2018- Meadow Belles Farm, LLC consulting begins- compost, soil life, and growing veggies.

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